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Welcome To The School of Content Writing

Set Your Learning Goal

Set the skill set as a career that you want to achieve.

Break Down into Steps

Cut down your learning phase into small, simple steps.

Identify Potential Barriers

Note the hurdle that you think you will face while acquiring a skill.

Apply the 80/20 Rule

Structure your learning to get more outcomes from your knowledge.

Focus On One Skill At a Time

Don’t run for more than one skill at a time, as it will distract you.

Practice As Much As You Can

It would be helpful if you practiced more to make your skills profitable.

Freemium Version

Training Modules

Basic Level Training Module

The basic level of the content writing training module is for those who don’t have any knowledge about content writing and its scope.

You will get a simple breakdown of content writing knowledge that will lead you towards the earning path of $250 per month by working from home.


  1. Basics of Content Writing
  2. Resume Building
  3. Biography Writing
  4. Rewriting
  5. General Article
  6. Tools
  7. Facebook Client Hunt
  8. Fiverr

Advance Level Training Module

If you are already into content writing skills and struggling to 2X your income. Then this course is the right choice for you to increase your Freelancing income

I will guide you with SEO Content Writing Techniques, which will be enough to cross your income up to $1000 per month. And without SEO knowledge, you are doing injustice with your skill.


  1. Content optimization
  2. Keyword Research 
  3. SEO Blog Post
  4. Affiliate Content
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Tools
  7. On-Page Factors
  8. Upwork

Exclusive 1 to 1 live Content consultancy session for website owners

The purpose of a 1-to-1 session is to structure the website owner data by providing result-oriented content consultancy, including keyword management, On-page SEO, website content, social media content management, and keyword clustering.


What Are The 10 Best Basics Of Content Writing?

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What Does Content Writing Skills Include?

Content writing skills are your ability to write content that is appealing as well as instructive. Your readers will find your content useful, stimulating and informative. You will make them want to go back to the site regularly. You can do this by keeping in mind...