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seo optimizer tool free

Are you worried about your website optimization? Interestingly 68% of the online traffic and marketing is due to good SEO.

There is not only one SEO optimizer tool free out there to rank your website but many more. Besides this, such tools help you drive more traffic and rank websites more effectively.

Therefore, it is irresistible to have an SEO optimization tool to analyze your competitor.

Moreover, it would be best to have a website audit to find out site errors and backlink support to build content authenticity. Finally, optimization tools allow website owners to do deep research about search traffic and handle all SEO errors that ought to be fixed in no time. As a result, you can break out of the competition in various ways. 

Consider yourself lucky if you find an SEO optimizer such as SEO Power suite that ensures site performance along with search engine ranking. Read below to know how to optimize SEO, site testing, analyze, and monitor your and competitor sites.

Why do you need an SEO optimizer tool?

SEO optimizer tool is compulsory to generate more traffic and sales against your competitor. However, it provides performable recommendations. In addition, it provides a detailed analysis of 100’s of websites across the internet. 

The global village is more advance now, and search engines like Google consider more off-Page information in SERPs. The results are not only limited to LSI, trends, and user preferences. Basic SEO fundamentals are to ensure correct tags on pages for targeting keywords.

However, exact tags support (CTA) Call-to-action & (PPC) Pay-Per-Click, which is best for conversion during the marketing campaign. So how doesyour site get more traffic and sales from the internet without any hustle? How can you stand out among strong competitors?

How do optimizer tools solve your problems?

SEO checker provides a comprehensive solution to all SEO problems. First, either you want a brief keyword analysis report, or you need a summarized picture of your site. Then, find profitable keywords that ensure a big payoff.

Importantly you can compare your page ranking against a competitor’s site. So there is no need to spend hours checking site positions. SEO optimizer tool free site audit feature performs deep analysis and useful recommendations to rank better. 

Follow a competitor

You can utilize the SEO optimizer tool free feature available, and you can follow a reverse engineering method to track your competitor. However, tracking a competitor leads you to create a strong content strategy to rank high in SERPs.

Subsequently, you can get web traffic analytics of competitor sites, such as how much and where your competitors are getting traffic. 

With the increase in web competition, SEO optimization lets you drill down the clear picture of similar sites, including measurement of bounce rate and average session duration. 

High traffic keywords

As everyone wants to be in the top search result, you need to find the best keyword to target while writing optimized content for your site. As a result, you better understand your target audience and learn how potential audiences search for the relevant content. 

For example: 

  • What rather question does your audience search for the relevant topic?
  • Which question your audience do ask more for the specific topic
  • Are most of the searchers from mobile or desktop?

Honestly, keyword research is the backbone of website optimization. Gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the profitable technique for better optimization. Now, it is compulsory to find better keywords with high search volume to serve reader intent. 

Running a website is now easy due to automation services but finding a profitable keyword is not a cup of tea for everyone. Search engine optimization tools allow primary research for the profitable keyword that helps to solve searcher’s queries.  

Website SEO audit

Let your site go through an SEO audit and evaluate recognizable factors that do not encourage the search engine to rank on SERPs. Site audit elements include On-Page, Off-Page, and technical SEO as well. 

By an audit report, you ensure that how much your site follows Google and other SEO standards such as reader intent and quality. If a business stays up to date with SEO mechanisms, it gets more traffic and leads to more revenue.

SEO toolkits have a website auditor in them to generate site audit reports. So it is very simple, and you can get any best SEO optimizer tool such as SEO Power suite and get an audit report for your site to overcome site optimization issues. 

From website page crawling to performing any technical and non-technical error, checking facility website auditors is the best optimization. You will get page-by-page advice according to the result you achieved. 

Content Optimization

What about perfect content formatting with no duplicate content or even H1 tags, anchor text, or other page elements? You cannot ignore the On-Page Seo factor, especially when the SEO optimizer offers extensive analysis.

Content optimization means needing fine details for each page and getting recommendations for the keyword. In addition, provides content optimization advice as per Google and other search engine standards.

If you perform a detailed analysis for each page for the specific niche, you will get more traffic. Therefore, On-Page SEO plays a major role in website optimization. In addition, to do more On-Page, you need to have strong content optimization.

Backlinks Extraction

We need strong backlink support whenever we want to rank our website on search engines. A backlink is like a relationship of your site with the others on the internet. Having good relations results in a good reputation.

There is a term normally used over the internet, i.e., strong backlinks and weak backlinks. However, building a relationship with a strong site leads to Google appreciation and vice versa. Before building backlinks for your site, ensure about competitor Off-Page Strategy. 


No business can survive without positing the right keywords at the right place. However, experts recommend website owners use the best SEO toolkit, such as SEO Power Suite. It has an SEO optimizer tool free feature with all the required features.