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Start Content Writing

To Start content writing ensure that it is not an exhausting process. You can start by asking yourself some basic starting questions.

Where do you want to write? What topics do you want to write about?

These questions will help guide you in creating the right space for writing. It will also help you determine if the space is available for you!

The right space includes topic, confidence, and fun. It includes being organized, feeling supported, and feeling connected. It should feel like a happy escape from your everyday life.

Look for content holes

While writing is a great way to relax, take time to develop the necessary skills to write at the beginning of your journey can pay off in big way.

Many times people turn to journalism, prose, or writing for inspiration. But before you start looking for content, you should.

There are many ways to write articles and essays, from classic 60’s marketing strategies to modern day author dream pad. Each has its own set of elements that make up their content.

Many times when one piece of content meets another it will be difficult or impossible to capture both pieces in one article or essay. This is where starting out with limited skills can pay off in big way.

As you learn new things try them out and see if they work for you.

Create a outline to start content writing

In the beginning, you will be too nervous or too excited to put thought into your content. You will also be too tired or stressed out to do so later. So, in the beginning, write down your main points in an outline.

This way, you can easily look back and start putting down details for the next article or piece of content. It also helps to create this outline before you begin writing, so that there is no confusion on what to put in and what to leave out.

It is also helpful to have this outline as a roadmap for your content, as you may change ideas and direction during the writing process. This way, there is a quick reminder of what was supposed to be said and written before something gets buried or forgotten.

Start out by being honest with yourself about what level of writer you are and how much content you want to write. If you need help stepping up to the content writing plate, give yourself some time and take steps toward success by doing some of the above.

Find images to use for content

When you’re ready to start writing, the first step is to find some images to use in your content. You can either scan online or go to a store and pick out Some products look similar to the image on this site, so it can be hard to decide which one is your style.

Some are called similar things like “looks” or “sounds”, so you have to do some trial and error on which one fits your content.

It is also possible to scan stores and find lots of products that are not used but still available because they look nice or someone bought them before you showed up.

Either way, when you do find ones, make sure they are good quality images because your content will be using them.

Find sources to reference

Once you’re ready to start writing, it’s important to find sources to reference. You can do this by creating a list of topics or sources in your mind, or by asking around at the local writers group, seminar, or content writing class you’re attending.

Many people create lists of potential sources because it helps them remember who said what and how they said it. In your list of potential sources, look for people who agree with your points and personify them.

For example, if a source says that one type of content is the best way to market my business, then a good way to start her content would be with the words: “This is the type of content that makes me think ‘that sounds good!’ ”

Finally, when doing research online, make sure you are using legitimate sources. Doing online searches that direct you toward my product or away from someone else’s may help you find valid information, but not all sites are reliable.


Now that you are ready to start writing, the best thing to do is to simply write. It sounds simple, but a lot of people start writing but don’t actually write.

The problem is that when you start, you nervous-break down your thoughts and ideas and put it into a document or piece of content. However, once you get into your stride, you have to stop as your muse takes a break or something else forces you to put it into action.

You have to start again from the beginning if you finish too soon. This can be really stressful, especially if your content is good!

You can do some starting up again during the actual editing process, but make sure you take out all the fluff before that happens. You want to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors before I give the final go-around.


After you have created the first draft of your content, it is time to edit! It is very likely that some sections of your content will be too long or too short, so make sure to account for this.

You can do this either by making a notebook and going through it page by page, or by doing it in an online editing program like Google Drive.

Either way, make sure to include yourself in the editing process. You want to see what you have written and scored it before turning over the work to another person.

Drill: Using an online editing program such as this one, create a new blank file and name it “Content”.


Now that you’re ready to start writing, the best thing to do is start by sharing your idea. Why not start off by linking to one of your past pieces of content and saying, “This was my first piece of content and I loved creating it!”

This way, other writers can see what you’ve done and how you’ve put your energy into it. It also gives you the opportunity to look over your work and make any last-minute changes.

Put some effort into sharing your content. Put in the time and effort it takes to get something out there, even if it is just a link!

More importantly, give yourself feedback.

Get feedback!

No matter how well you plan, no matter how many articles you write, no one is going to give you good enough content to scare away the content-starved people online.

People spend a lot of time on the internet looking for content, so give them something worth looking into! Many times people will post content that does not meet standards, but that is good enough for starting your writing career.

If you are going to start writing for the web, try your best to develop some expertise in your field before diving in. There may be people willing to pay money for your first article or two!

The more content you write, the more valuable your “content” will be.